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The Lifespace/Workspace process is a planning tool that consists of three steps:

    The Present
    Looking at your career, life or
    organization as it is right now

    The Future
    Envisioning an improved Future to determine where you want to go

    Goals Setting
    Developing realistic goals and action plans to move from your present to your preferred future, while overcoming internal and external barriers than may stand in your way.



Details on each step:

The Present Lifespace or Workspace graphic, coupled with an evaluation process, helps you to identify:

- Your + or assessment of all the elements making up the diagram

- Underlying + and themes

- The balance of time spent on important, positive and negative activities

- Areas requiring change.

The Future Lifespace or Workspace combines a picture of your desired future with an analysis similar to your Present.

The Goals and Action Plans step helps you to:

- Transform changes into realistic goals

- Develop an action plan within a time frame for each goal

- Identify potential barriers and strategies for eliminating or overcoming them.


Lifespace/Workspace is a whole-brained process.

When you see a Lifespace or Workspace diagram, it explains itself. Your right brain absorbs the entire image while your left brain interprets its individual elements. You might say this tool illustrates the old cliché: "a picture is worth a thousand words."


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