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Life Planning


Description of the Lifespace Process

Career Dimensions’ Life Planning program uses our copyrighted Lifespace process, a planning tool that consists of three steps:

The Present: looking at your life as it is right now

The Future: envisioning an improved Future Lifespace to determine where you want to go

Goals Setting: developing realistic goals and action plans to move from your present to your preferred future. Overcoming potential internal and external barriers than may stand in your way.

Users of Lifespace

The process is tremendously flexible. It’s adaptable to either an individual or group format for a variety of situations. Users may include:


Career Management professionals, coaches, therapists and consultants

Companies in their executive coaching, training and career development or talent management programs

Professional organizations for member workshops

Colleges and universities for counseling and student orientation

Employee Assistance Programs

Churches or other nonprofits for member or community outreach initiatives

Applications of Lifespace

Below are some life issues for application with adults, youth, couples or families. We work with clients in both individual and group settings. For situations where communication is a key, we employ the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as well.

Moving away from home to start college or a new job

Managing time more effectively

Determining what retirement means for you

Facing divorce or death of a spouse

Coping with your own sudden or long-term illness

Relocating due to a transfer, promotion or downsizing or your own initiative

Becoming a unexpected caretaker for a family member

Getting married

Having a baby

Dealing with an “empty nest”

Practicing personal wellness

Reducing stress

Having more fun

To get started with Career Dimensions:

Life Planning for individuals typically requires three to seven one-hour sessions at $195 per hour. For corporations sponsoring a one-to-one program for their employees, the investment is $250 per hour.

Lifespace is easily adapted to group environments. Corporate workshops are $495 per person for the one-day workshop, with a minimum of five people. This amount includes materials. Depending upon the situation, nonprofits and smaller businesses may receive a discounted fee.

Career Dimensions can also provide one-to-two hour speeches and mini-seminars on Life Planning.  The fee for these venues is negotiable depending on required preparation and circumstances.

To setup an appointment, please contact us.

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