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Executive Coaching 

Career Dimensions' offers Executive Coaching for several scenarios:

Executive Coaching for Individuals (click for more)

Designed for professionals who want to:

– Increase their satisfaction in current assignments

Plot a career path within their organization

Improve their time management and goal setting techniques

Communicate more effectively with management, colleagues, clients and employees

Survive and thrive in the fast-changing America workplace


Executive Coaching for Individuals Sponsored by an Employer (click for more) 

For organizations that want to make one-on-one coaching available to:


Outstanding performers

New recruits

Women and minorities

Good employees who are losing ground


Masterminds Sponsored by an Employer (click for more)

A Mastermind is a small, carefully selected group of individuals who serve as an informal Board of Directors for each other. The members of a Mastermind group can be professionals with common roles or interests such as:

Consulting firm partners


VPs or directors

New supervisors

Fast tracked Employees


New Recruits

A Mastermind truly symbolizes the saying that "the whole is greater than it's parts."

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