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College Major Selection


Career Dimensions has done exhaustive research and development to put together a college and major selection program for:

High school students pursuing advanced education

College Freshmen and sophomores who have not declared a major

Adults returning to school

College graduates choosing masters or doctoral programs.


Using a combination of exercises, testing and sortable databases with career, college and financial aid information, this customized program will help you:

Identify your transferable skills, interests, personality traits and values and the majors and careers that match them

Choose colleges and vocational schools that offer the educational programs and campus ambiance you are looking for

Research financial aid, scholarships and grants to determine which ones may be available to you.


The College Major Selection program uses these elements:

Eureka Skills Assessment

The Micro Skills Inventory - helps you choose and prioritize your innate skills online and develops a list of careers that use them

Occ-U-Sort - identifies your work preferences and careers that match them

True Colors - defines your personality type, uncovers your talents, and find the careers best suited for you

Myers Briggs Type Indicator - based upon Carl Jung's eight personality types and how they combine to form a variety of approaches for communicating and decision making.

Strong Interest Inventory - based on research done with workers satisfied with their jobs, this assessment breaks down hundreds of careers into a combination of six occupational themes, then matches your unique interest profile with the careers that best fit you.

The College and University Database - contains 2800 schools which can be sorted by admission requirements, majors, entrance statistics, diversity, enrollment, location, etc.

Program of Study Database - includes information on academic programs such as admission requirements, typical course work, available degrees, vocational training, and others

Financial Aid Database - can filter over 6000 financial awards and scholarships to find those that fit your characteristics, needs and situation

Jobs Database - provides extensive information on thousands of careers, listings of occupations in every industry and the training necessary for each

College Major Selection Workbook - contains additional assessment tools; a process for summarizing the results of your tests, exercises and research on careers, majors and colleges and a section on using information interviews to refine your major/career choice and access internships or part-time jobs.

The fee for the College Major selection program is $1200, which includes all of the materials listed above plus six hours of one-on-one counseling with a certified Career Management Fellow.

To learn more about this program or to enroll, please contact us.

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